We provide coaching, consulting and vocational programs that directly and indirectly achieve outcomes for people facing complex challenges in local communities across the world. 

Outcomes can be anything from completing a project within deadline to 6 months of gainful employment for a LTUE client.

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Career Coaching
Whether you are creating a new resume, dusting down an old one, need some pre-interview coaching or perhaps wanting to explore what the best career path is for you - we can help. Our team are experts in vocational advice and guidance. 
We help companies to optimize their performance by providing bespoke management consulting services. These range from service design, project management and have even included scoping, designing and creating engaging corporate videos!
We are accredited to coach leaders in one to one and group sessions to unlock their full potential. Our sessions are fun, enlightening and always receive great feedback!
Vocational Programs
We have designed programmes to excite and engage as well as provide employment for participants. From GLOVES (boxing for jobs), to REFUTURE (job-focused language training) and our ADDICTION service in partnership with PLP Solutions.