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About Us

Populi Solutions directly and indirectly achieves job outcomes by providing high quality, tailored innovations to help people achieve lasting jobs.
Established in 2019 as a management consulting business for the welfare sector, we pivoted in 2022 and added program after innovative program in partnership with purpose-led companies who share our mission and values.

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Populi's story

I established Populi Solutions in February 2019 as a sole trader, consulting business to support the welfare industry, having worked in several roles, from Employment Consultant through to executive leadership in both England and Australia. 

Populi came from wanting to make sure that those who required more complex, tailored services to find work received them. In the early days I achieved that indirectly, as Populi's core business involved service design, leadership coaching and diversification projects for providers. 

8 months in, October 2019, I joined a boxfit class at my local gym. The class was engaging and got me thinking - Why couldn't we have boxfit as an icebreaker to get participant endorphins going and improve engagement? More than that, following the exercise, why couldn't we then educate participants with vocational CBT to capacity build mental (as well as their physical) health? GLOVES was born! 

Some 50 cohorts+ later, we have evolved the program  - still group allied health, but with complimentary exercise in the form of box-fit or yoga. We operate from QLD, NSW, VIC, NT and SA, with ACT and TAS hopefully to follow this year. 


FY24 has seen us formally launch DISC4Jobs - a tool that has been 50,000 hours of employment service experience in the making and helps ECs connect with their caseload quickly by offering high quality, tailored support at the click of a button - in person or remotely. Populi's journey really has just begun and that journey promises to be very exciting and very rewarding. 

James Weait, CEO

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Our Values

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