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Applying the proven tools of DISC to help Employment Consultants engage their participants as quickly as possible.
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What is DISC?

DISC measures personality and describes human behaviour in various situations - for example, how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, your preferred pace and how you react to rules and procedures. 

Our DISC4JOBS participant intro video [below] explains how we have applied this proven tool to employment services. It is also available as descriptive audio and in transcript

DISC4JOBS Benefits

  • Simple to use videos and guides that provide high quality appointment content, homework and remote servicing. 

  • Helps Employment Consultants understand what drives their clients and build a meaningful rapport quickly.

  • Specifically helps participants with self-awareness, finding the best job for them and communication skills. 

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Rebecca Robinson
Manager, Transport for NSW

All attendees provided very positive feedback. The session was so helpful in understanding individual DISC styles.


Melissa Holmes
GM, Ideal Placements


Thank you, it was great to hear and see the staff interact so well during the DISC4JOBS training.

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Janine Botfield
Director, Younity

It is such a delight working with the Populi Solutions team.

Key Features

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