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Helping people find work based on their unique  DISC personality style.

What is DISC4Jobs?

DISC4Jobs supports participants and helps upskill staff with simple innovation that meets workforce needs. As accredited DISC practitioners, we have applied this 100-year proven profiling tool to support the employment services sector. An accessible survey, that takes 2 minutes to complete, provides access to an interactive PDF report. 

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The report suggests jobs that may be a good fit based on DISC personality style. Each style-specific industry guide breaks down what a participant may like and want to consider given their unique personality traits. The guides include bullet points to consider for résumés, model answers for tricky interview questions, with space for participant interaction.


The report also includes coaching guides that help with sensitive conversations, for example if a participant isn’t being flexible with location of role or is consistently late. DISC4Jobs has been designed by experienced disability and mainstream employment services operators. Click on the icons to view examples.

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Karin Ridgeway
GM, Multiple Solutions

"DISC4Jobs has truly revolutionized our approach to assisting participants across all our Multiple Solutions offices. It serves as an invaluable resource in helping us identify each individual's unique characteristics and needs, enabling us to provide tailored support for their employment journey. The Populi team has been incredibly supportive throughout, and we deeply appreciate our partnership. Thanks to Populi, our job has become significantly easier."


Melissa Holmes
GM, Ideal Placements


Thank you, it was great to hear and see the staff interact so well during the DISC4Jobs training.

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Janine Botfield
Director, Younity

It is such a delight working with the Populi Solutions team.

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